(504) 949-8800

(504) 949-8800

Asset management

Used to track both preventive and unscheduled maintenance of any asset such as trucks, forklifts, aircraft, computer equipment, buildings, etc.




The dashboard summary allows you to quickly see the status of each asset and component, broken down by upcoming maintenance tasks.

Create recurring maintenance or one-time maintenance items and assign them to individuals or roles.

QR Codes are automatically created per asset allowing for reporting and logging with any online device.

Users can customize warning periods for due maintenance. The system will email assigned users when warning periods are reached or faults are logged for their assets.


What to Expect

I run a limousine company in Houston, Texas. Our corporate clientele depend of us to make sure all insurance policies are current, vehicles are properly maintained, and all drivers’ licenses and permits are up to date. Although not rocket science, things would still slip through the cracks, causing us to not be able to service our customers properly.

Since incorporating KAStrack into our business, these issues no longer occur. KAStrack not only notifies us of any important pending task, it also lets us know that the task has been completed (or warns us if it has not). It has definitely made a difference in the efficiency of my business.

Kevin C.


Enter usage data, log faults, or record maintenance for any asset or component


Field based entry for checklists or inspections using a smart-device


Electronic logs accessible from any device


Pertinent files such as service records, warranties, or manuals available for download at any time


provides "assurance on demand"


Automation through KAStrack improves the accuracy of company records, reduces the amount of paperwork, and as a result, lessens administrative costs

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