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(504) 949-8800

certification tracking

Manage your workers’ certifications, training requirements, licenses and HR forms.




KAStrack gives you the ability to spot outstanding requirements at a glance.

Users can customize warning periods for expiring certifications. The system will email individuals and supervisors when renewal is required.

-Assign roles for individuals based on their responsibilities within the company. Each role outlines requirements and duties.
-Assign employees to one or multiple roles.
-Display a list of qualified employees that meet role requirements.

-Training matrix provides a table view of certifications sorted by company, role, or individual certifications.
-Supervisors and employees remain informed about expiring certifications with customizable email reports and alerts.

-Assess the skills and abilities for success in a particular role.
-Accommodate multi-level competency frameworks; entry-level, management, frontline, and leadership.
-Drive consistent performance by employees.

What to Expect

The implementation of KAStrack into our company has vastly improved our record keeping, training systems, and organization as a whole. I don’t know how we could have ever expanded our business without this system.

Nicole H.


Employees submit their own certifications for approval


documents and files attached to completed certifications are accessible from anywhere


provides "assurance on demand"


allows for self-registration, minimizing time required to manage the workforce


Automation through KAStrack improves the accuracy of company records, reduces the amount of paperwork, and as a result, lessens administrative costs


access to employee information is easy and secure

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