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(504) 949-8800

document management

Manage your documents with version control, staff acknowledgement and management approvals.




KAStrack gives you the ability to spot outstanding requirements needed for completion at a glance.

The Documents Module acts as a repository for all file types, including videos.

Notifications are sent to individuals or roles for documents that need to be acknowledged. This provides an electronic “signature” to ensure that all staff members have seen updated policies, procedures, etc.

If a video needs to be acknowledged, users cannot confirm acknowledgement until the entire video has been watched.

-Collaborate with others when trying to approve a new document.
-Make sure all required approvals have been met before publishing.

What to Expect

With KAStrack, we are no longer searching emails for updated documents. Gone are the days of bugging employees to make sure they’ve reviewed the latest policy. We love having everything in one place!

Pauline R.


Easily idenitfy the newest verion of any document and view the history of previous versions


retain records of staff acknowledgement


set warning dates when documents need to be reviewied for continued suitability


stop spending time chasing e-mails


Automation through KAStrack improves the accuracy of company records, reduces the amount of paperwork, and as a result, lessens administrative costs

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