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Provide email notifications to employees and supervisors

Track and report current and expired employee certifications

Assign employees to required training programs

KAStrack is an online certification tracking solution designed to help companies better manage and maintain critical employee certifications and licenses. KAStrack software automates the professional development process, enhancing managers’ abilities to plan, track, and report on workforce readiness. Specifically, KAStrack helps companies better manage employee training, continuing education, and professional skills development by setting alerts when training is due and issuing notices when vital course requirements have been fulfilled.

Personal service no standard software solution can deliver.

KAStrack’s team will work with company management on-site to help input employee certification and licensing requirements into the system. The result is a smooth transition that has clients up and running as quickly as possible. KAStrack software automates the professional development process, enhancing each manager’s ability to plan, track, and report on workforce readiness. Automation via KAStrack improves the accuracy of company records, reduces the amount of paperwork, and as a result, lessens administrative costs.


  • Training matrix provides a table view of certifications sorted by company, role, or individual certification
  • Supervisors remain informed about expiring certifications with customizable email reports
  • Certifications nearing expiration are identified at a glance


  • Track employees who have submitted certifications for approval
  • Attach documents and files to completed certifications
  • Provide proof


  • Assess the skills and abilities for success in a particular role
  • Accommodate multi-level competency frameworks: entry-level, management, frontline, and leadership
  • Drive consistent performance by employees


  • Phase 1: Valid – certification is current
  • Phase 2: Due – certification is valid, yet nearing expiration
  • Phase 3: Overdue – certification will expire if training is not immediately completed
  • Phase 4: Expired – employee is out-of-compliance


  • Supervisors receive a notice of impending out-of-compliance employees
  • Employee receives a warning when compliance expiration is approaching
  • Employee and supervisor are notified when certifications, training, and licenses have expired


  • Define required certifications by company and role
  • Set up roles based on specific division or customer requirements
  • Assign employees to any number of roles
  • Display lists of qualified employees for set roles

Workforce management made manageable.

Accessible online, KAStrack ensures that managers and employees can securely generate reports and receive alerts on upcoming recertifications. A single software solution for electronic planning and reporting, KAStrack eliminates the need to manually maintain exhaustive employee profiles and the accompanying paperwork. Access to employee information is easy, secure, and always top-of-mind.

Retain employee training, qualifications, and license data—all in a single, central location.

KAStrack provides employee access via an Internet browser as needed, or as required by a regulatory agency. More than just online storage, KAStrack is a workforce administration solution. It can be automated to send alerts, notifications, and provide accurate reporting as needed to both managers and individual employees to maintain a safe and competent workforce, and virtually eliminate out-of-compliance violations.