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(504) 949-8800

multi-site management

Maintain consistency and autonomy between branches, locations, or divisions of a company.




Each division can have a standalone site for security and autonomy.

Allows corporate office (headquarters) to run the master site and easily distribute requirements, documents, and roles to the sub-sites.

Eliminates inconsistencies that can exist when managing multiple locations.

Can be used to disseminate corporate policy to contracting companies and to validate their staff are trained to corporate standards.

What to Expect

The implementation of KAStrack into our company has vastly improved our record keeping, training systems, and organization as a whole. I don’t know how we could have ever expanded our business without this system.

Nicole H.


With one upload, all employees at every location can be notified of new policies or procedures


Core corporate policies can be augmented with requirements at the location


view overall reports to see the status of the entire organization


provides "assurance on demand"


allows for self-registration, minimizing time required to manage the workforce


Automation through KAStrack improves the accuracy of company records, reduces the amount of paperwork, and as a result, lessens administrative costs


access to employee information is easy and secure

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