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Stay compliant.

Save time.

Improve communications.


Access employee records, training courses, company files, and maintenance logs in one place. 

KAStrack Modules

KAStrack is a modular, interactive, hierarchical software used for compliance, assurance, and management of change.

KAStrack creates a culture that holds individuals accountable for their requirements and training. Managers can spend more time focusing on company growth and development and less time chasing employee and customer paperwork.

Certification Tracking

Manage certifications, training requirements, licenses, and HR forms

Asset Management

Maintain vehicles, forklifts, aircraft, welding machines, etc.

Project Management

Create and track actions per user or role for any project


Track attendance and store presentation materials of meetings


Create customized databases which allow reports and trending of data



Manage the journey and locations of assets and people

Online Training

Build customized courses for workforce training

Task Management

Create recurring tasks that can be assigned to individuals or roles


Track document acknowledgements, approvals, and revision updates


Track expenses, store receipts and invoices for a project



Build customized forms and show reports of entries submitted

Multi-Site Management

Allows oversight of multiple branches, contractors, or chapters.

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