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(504) 949-8800

project management

Track actions and finances of a company project.




KAStrack gives you the ability to seamlessly plan, organize, and implement a company project. Each member involved in the project has a clear expectation of his/her responsibilities.

-Create and track actions.
-Use templates to easily manage common projects.
-Assign actions by user or role.
-Sends email alerts for upcoming tasks.
-Alerts supervisor if no activity is occurring.

-Management of tracking expenses.
-Can be used to store receipts and invoices for a project.
-Require users or roles to approve each budget item, if desired.
-Sends alerts for budget items needing attention or requiring approval.


What to Expect

KAStrack allows us to easily see which lesson our students are working on. As soon as a lesson is completed, we are prompted to input the associated invoice so our students always know how much funding is left on their account. KAStrack saves us time and paperwork by giving us the reports and log-in access to see our progress at any time. Prior to this, we struggled trying to manually relay this information to other staff members all the time.

Laurie M.


Use action templates for new hire onboarding actions or other repeated events


set deadlines for each action required per user or role


set inactvity alerts to ensure that projects don't go too long without attention


fully integrated with the budgets module to track expenses and store receipts associated with any project


Automation through KAStrack improves the accuracy of company records, reduces the amount of paperwork, and as a result, lessens administrative costs

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