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KAStrack suited the needs of the Lakefront Airport perfectly. It helped streamline our record keeping system, specifically for our security badge training and issuance. Our users, administrators, and regulatory inspectors welcomed the new technology with open arms. We couldn’t imagine going back to the way it was before!

Dave H.

The implementation of KAStrack into our company has vastly improved our record keeping, training systems, and organization as a whole. The ability to track our employees’ day to day tasks as well as our customers’ expiration of documents keeps our business running smoothly and within government guidelines. KAStrack also helped us to open a second location seamlessly by keeping all of our staff and customer records in one location. I am most thankful for their amazing customer service and prompt responses with any questions and additions we ask for. I truly don’t know how we could have ever expanded our business without this system

Nicole H.

I run a limousine company in Houston, Texas.  Our corporate clientele depend on us to make sure all insurance policies are current, vehicles are properly maintained, and all drivers’ licenses and permits are up to date.   Although not rocket science, things would still slip through the cracks, causing us not to be able to service our customers properly. 

Since incorporating KAStrack into our business, these issues no longer occur.  KAStrack not only notifies us of any important pending task, it also lets us know that the task has been completed (or warns us if it has not).  It has definitely made a difference in the efficiency of my business.

Kevin C.

Using KAStrack has made it easy to ensure that all students have the proper documentation needed prior to their lessons with a simple glance at their profile. It has also made it easy to keep track of all of my daily tasks that need to be completed, as well as important monthly and yearly tasks that are easily forgotten. This has become an irreplaceable part of my everyday work life.

Rebecca W.